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Re: RANG III input distorting

My Rang is inline on my pedalboard, and the last pedal before it heads off 
to the amp or mixer.  However, it is 'post' pre-amp, so it's taking a 
hotter signal than just a passive guitar signal (tech21 bass driver for 
bass or tech21 blonde for guitar).

I've had to tweak preamp levels a bit to avoid the 'overload' that you 
described.  I've gotten it a few times when playing a loud initial loop 
and then cramming overdubs on top of it.

Just a bit of level tweaking got it right...

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On Aug 1, 2011, at 1:57 PM, "Clayton Gary Lehmann" <hqr@cox.net> wrote:

> Hello Paul and all, 
> "how are others setting up their feeds into and out of the Rang?
> Regards, Paul"
> Thus far I am forgoing a mixer, as I have to set up differently for every
> job. My Taylor 812CE has a cannon output; that goes to the Jamman mike
> input, and I plan on sticking a bullet mike into the instrument input. 
> Then
> into a EH Freeze, out to the 'Rang, to a Carvin StageMate.
> G