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Re: OSC and I phones and Whiskers on kittens+MORE MOOG

Phil, I'm using a template with 20 buttons that respond to pc messages for most of my command stuff and the sliders I use for cc messages volume, feedback  pan, and track speed. honestly i hardly get to the faders as I spend most of my time on the button template. and the faders are duplicating some stuff i already do with foot pedals. I'm so used to using a midi foot controller that its not totally integrated yet how to best use it, but I may end up using it to simply change patches on another processor as well, or integrating it in to my DAW for remote control of record, transport etc... here is another clip of the Moog guitar, this time using a more overdriven sound and the Moog's filters and at a later point in the improv,  I start reaching  out of camera view to hit quantize replace commands on the I phone. Its really visually stimulating :-) This piece has a couple of rough spots but it is a good example of this instrument's ability to sound like I'm playing at very high volumes when i'm not. I must say I hope I can find a way to afford one of these babies, but if that happens, I'm definitely investigating the sustaniac like Ted K uses because this controllable feedback biz is highly addicting.