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Re: OSC and I phones and Whiskers on kittens........

LOL yes of course they should... and of course I tested that over and 

In the end I find that they do just that... but only if the "Track Follows 
CC" parameter in the LP-1 is set to "Yes."

D'oh !!

Phil (triumphant) 

On Aug 4, 2011, at 12:48 AM, andy butler wrote:

> hi Phil,
> Here's the answer.
> The individual track volumes change the Volume of their respective tracks
> *without* selecting the track.
> andy
> Phil Clevenger wrote:
>> Andy, and LD crew,
>> Debugging:
>> I have tried the same track-specific commands this evening, MIDI 
>> hard-wired directly into the LP-1 from an FC300 controller.
>> Result is exactly the same: Using any of these - Assign Pedal > Track 
>> 'n' Volume / Track 'n' Feedback / Track 'n' Pan - fails to select the 
>> designated track.
>> Let's say i am at Track 1, and have set up pedal Controllers #7 and #1 
>> to govern Track 8 volume and feedback, respectively.
>> Using the Track 8 Volume-assigned pedal will show in the display that 
>> it is attempting to control Vol, but the track is still Track 1, and 
>> the numeric readout is static no matter how much I flail on the pedal.
>> Just as with the Missing Link, if I invoke the corresponding Select 
>> Track 'n' command first, then the controls work fine - for that track 
>> only of course. So I might as well be using the generic Track Volume 
>> and Track Feedback and Pan commands, with a Select Track to begin with, 
>> it would be the same thing. If I wanted the extra gesture :)
>> So it feels to me like the track-specific Vol/Feedback/Pan commands in 
>> the LP-1 are just not working as expected. Unless there is some utterly 
>> stupid user error happening here?
>> I am using 1.39...
>> Any thoughts? Anyone else see this behavior?
>> Phil :)
>> On Aug 3, 2011, at 1:20 AM, andy butler wrote:
>>> Strange,
>>> it certainly works here with a regular midi controller.
>>> I've got 24 different CC controllers handling Vol Pan and Fbk
>>> for each track. ...and of course, to the LP-1 it makes no difference 
>>> which route
>>> the midi came from.
>>> Glad you got it working, might be worth solving the mystery though.
>>> It doesn't make any sense that you were able to get the LP-1 to learn 
>>> the CC values (which would have been
>>> displayed on the front panel) and that following that it wouldn't 
>>> respond.
>>> Logically it's either
>>> 1) extra commands being sent by your controller
>>> 2) LP-1 set up file is corrupt (I doubt it, but if you can save it via
>>> pc you could always send it to me for examination)
>>> 3) some fault in the connection that just happened to produce the 
>>> observed result.
>>> 4) you're using an old software version on the LP-1...I've not heard 
>>> of that issue though.
>>> andy
>>> Phil Clevenger wrote:
>>>> Hey Andy,
>>>> Yes, that's the perplexing thing... I am in fact using track-specific 
>>>> calls for each fader, as you suggest... I expected the behavior you 
>>>> describe, too... but the LP1 will not respond, at least not to 
>>>> TouchOSC on my iPad over wifi via the Missing Link, unless I 
>>>> explicitly send a Select Track command first :/
>>>> Phil :)