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Re: Boomerang with Sidecar

Brian Carabee wrote:

Apparently the Rang makes the calculation within a couple of milliseconds whether it's a Tap or a Hold.

Thanks for taking the time, I think your analysis is missing something however.

Try holding the switch down for half a second and see
what happens...bet you won't get the shortpress function until you take your foot off.

Here's why I think that.....

Assuming the time for a long press is one second.

You hit the switch, and hold it for 0.5 seconds.
During which time the Rang can't
possibly know whether it's getting a longpress or shortpress.
Maybe you release it at 0.6s , maybe you hold it past a second.

Fact is (and I can assure you every hardware developer is aware
of this ) no device can distinguish between shortpress and longpress
until the switch is *released*.

On the EDP the shortpress and longpress are very carefully
paired so that the shortpress function *can* be initiated
as soon as the switch is pressed.