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Re: Boomerang with Sidecar

I'm probably misunderstanding you. You guys are far more advanced than I, and my exposure to the various models of loopers is limited. Maybe this is an opportunity for me to learn something. Can you tell me exactly how you define "longpress" and "shortpress"?

On the Rang, each bonus button can each be assigned both one function with an immediate tap, and another function with a 1 second hold. As far as I can see, no matter what the function, the tap invokes the function instantaneously.

So with the sidecar, you have a total of 4 bonus buttons that can access four functions with an quick tap, and four with a 1 second hold.

As an aside, there is now an ability to set "Stack" to "Momentary". Instead of tap on, tap off, you can hold it down to stack and let it go to stop stacking.

I realize you might be rolling your eyes, LOL, because I'm misunderstanding you, but I'm here to learn, so if you care to enlighten me I'd be grateful.


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hi Brian,

my point is not the timing of the longpress functions,
but that of the shortpress.

The function, in some cases at least, can't be activated
until the switch is released, rather than when it is pressed.
(the EDP gets round that by careful pairing of short and long functions)
That's the cost of having 2 functions on the button.

That means, if you hit half Speed it will be delayed,
even though it's put on a Shortpress button.
..and that's a time sensitive function.

So, is it possible to config the bonus buttons for just
one instantaneous function?


Brian Carabee wrote:
Before my Rang arrived, I thought that would be an issue but it never has been. The Loop buttons of course are instantaneous, and it's easy to assign non-timing critical functions to "Hold".

So, for example, I will assign things like "Once" and "Fade" to Hold, because timing isn't critical on those. In fact, I find in actual practice that Holding has never been an issue, to my surprise. I think it's one of those things where in theory, it seems like Holding a button for 1 second to invoke a function would have to present timing problems, when in actual practice it turns out to be a non-issue.

Hope that helps.