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Re: Boomerang with Sidecar

well the long press can be a bit tricky for ex. on my M9,i guess i
have to practice that more,specially when im ready to loop an arranged
song,and also because i dont always know in what mode i am while busy
singing and forget to look at the blinking tap tempo but the rang
might be different.
By the way is there a small cheap midi footswitch to send a single
midi comand like a cc or pg outhere?
that would probably make things a bit faster,if i put it beside the m9
on the pedalboard,the smallest ive seen is the midi mouse for tech 21
but is just too x pensive for that.

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 3:01 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> hi Brian,
> my point is not the timing of the longpress functions,
> but that of the shortpress.
> The function, in some cases at least, can't be activated
> until the switch is released, rather than when it is pressed.
> (the EDP gets round that by careful pairing of short and long functions)
> That's the cost of having 2 functions on the button.
> That means, if you hit half Speed it will be delayed,
> even though it's put on a Shortpress button.
> ..and that's a time sensitive function.
> So, is it possible to config the bonus buttons for just
> one instantaneous function?
> andy
> Brian Carabee wrote:
>> Before my Rang arrived, I thought that would be an issue but it never 
>> has
>> been. The Loop buttons of course are instantaneous, and it's easy to 
>> assign
>> non-timing critical functions to "Hold".
>> So, for example, I will assign things like "Once" and "Fade" to Hold,
>> because timing isn't critical on those. In fact, I find in actual 
>> practice
>> that Holding has never been an issue, to my surprise. I think it's one 
>> of
>> those things where in theory, it seems like Holding a button for 1 
>> second to
>> invoke a function would have to present timing problems, when in actual
>> practice it turns out to be a non-issue.
>> Hope that helps.
>> Brian