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Re: Boomerang with Sidecar

I have actually tested if there is any kind of delay, and I have found the buttons to respond virtually instantaneously. If I flick a button with my finger at lightening-speed I can cause the function to not trigger, but if I just slow down that flick an imperceptible hair, the function will trigger.

I can't tap with my foot fast enough to get it not to trigger. I have to use my finger with an ultra-quick slap. So that tells me there is an absolute minimum de-bounce delay, well below the ability of the foot to out-run. Apparently the Rang makes the calculation within a couple of milliseconds whether it's a Tap or a Hold.

The second thing is that the flat Rang foot switches have a tiny throw distance. Unlike most foot switches (especially those long-throw vacuum cleaner switches), the Rang's switches are designed to require the bare minimum of travel distance to fire. My switch throw distance is about 1 mm or slightly less. I've never seen a pedal of any kind with more precise response.

For those reasons I'm able to get pristine timing on my loops, and I am very critical about that. There is no way to program the buttons for only short presses, aka "Taps". Of course, since the Sidecar communicates through a midi cable (though I'm not sure it transmits actual midi data), the ultra-fast response of the Sidecar (and even the main Rang unit **could** be affected. I'll have to see when it comes in.


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I believe what Andy is saying is the fact that since there is a long press and short press function on the same button………. then the software has to execute the function when you release the button. If the software executed the short press as you depressed the button it would be impossible to ever have a long press.

There is noway, to my knowledge, that you can change that behavior on the rang3 but since we are talking about milliseconds from the click of your foot down to up on the boomerang style buttons it would be easy to learn to time the function yourself with a little practice. Especially if your armed with the knowledge of it's behavior.

All that said, I don't have a rang3 to test on now (but I've used one before) so I could be blowing smoke. Just trying to help