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Re: Boomerang with Sidecar

No, of course I understand that it is logically impossible for it to know whether it's a tap or a hold until the button is released, and therefore it cannot invoke the function until release.

But if the time required is somewhere around .002 or .003 of a second, does it matter in practical terms? I was testing to see if, in practical terms, that tiny delay factored into a performance in a meaningful way.

If you are a "below .002 seconds" kind of guy, perhaps you should contact Mike Nelson. There is definitely no documented way to change the functioning according to your question, but that doesn't mean that the functionality isn't built-in for testing and development purposes. If so, then perhaps he could provide you with a modified Rang that accommodates your requirements.


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Brian Carabee wrote:

Apparently the Rang makes the calculation within a couple of milliseconds whether it's a Tap or a Hold.

Thanks for taking the time, I think your analysis is missing something however.

Try holding the switch down for half a second and see
what happens...bet you won't get the shortpress function until you take your foot off.

Here's why I think that.....

Assuming the time for a long press is one second.

You hit the switch, and hold it for 0.5 seconds.
During which time the Rang can't
possibly know whether it's getting a longpress or shortpress.
Maybe you release it at 0.6s , maybe you hold it past a second.

Fact is (and I can assure you every hardware developer is aware
of this ) no device can distinguish between shortpress and longpress
until the switch is *released*.

On the EDP the shortpress and longpress are very carefully
paired so that the shortpress function *can* be initiated
as soon as the switch is pressed.