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Re: OSC and I phones and Whiskers on kittens........

hi Phil,

Here's the answer.

The individual track volumes change the Volume of their respective tracks
*without* selecting the track.


Phil Clevenger wrote:
Andy, and LD crew,


I have tried the same track-specific commands this evening, MIDI 
hard-wired directly into the LP-1 from an FC300 controller.

Result is exactly the same: Using any of these - Assign Pedal > Track 'n' 
Volume / Track 'n' Feedback / Track 'n' Pan - fails to select the designated 

Let's say i am at Track 1, and have set up pedal Controllers #7 and #1 to 
govern Track 8 volume and feedback, respectively.

Using the Track 8 Volume-assigned pedal will show in the display that it 
is attempting to control Vol, but the track is still Track 1, and the 
numeric readout is static no matter how much I flail on the pedal.

Just as with the Missing Link, if I invoke the corresponding Select Track 
'n' command first, then the controls work fine - for that track only of 
course. So I might as well be using the generic Track Volume and Track 
Feedback and Pan commands, with a Select Track to begin with, it would be 
the same thing. If I wanted the extra gesture :)

So it feels to me like the track-specific Vol/Feedback/Pan commands in the 
LP-1 are just not working as expected. Unless there is some utterly stupid 
user error happening here?

I am using 1.39...

Any thoughts? Anyone else see this behavior?

Phil :)

On Aug 3, 2011, at 1:20 AM, andy butler wrote:

it certainly works here with a regular midi controller.
I've got 24 different CC controllers handling Vol Pan and Fbk
for each track. ...and of course, to the LP-1 it makes no difference which 
the midi came from.

Glad you got it working, might be worth solving the mystery though.

It doesn't make any sense that you were able to get the LP-1 to learn the 
CC values (which would have been
displayed on the front panel) and that following that it wouldn't respond.

Logically it's either
1) extra commands being sent by your controller
2) LP-1 set up file is corrupt (I doubt it, but if you can save it via
 pc you could always send it to me for examination)
3) some fault in the connection that just happened to produce the observed 
4) you're using an old software version on the LP-1...I've not heard of 
that issue though.


Phil Clevenger wrote:
Hey Andy,
Yes, that's the perplexing thing... I am in fact using track-specific 
calls for each fader, as you suggest... I expected the behavior you 
describe, too... but the LP1 will not respond, at least not to TouchOSC on 
my iPad over wifi via the Missing Link, unless I explicitly send a Select 
Track command first :/
Phil :)