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Re: Playing loops/samples with a midi keyboard?

the answer is probably no :-(

If you mean playing a single sample over the range of a keyboard then
you need a way to convert Note-On and Note-Off messages to
ProgCh which the LP-1 can understand.
If you can do that, and I realise it's unlikely you have hardware that
can then, it's possible.
For each program the LP-1 to select the pitch and retrigger.
Probably you also need to program StopNow for the ProgCh corresponding
to Note-Off. By combining LP-1 'mellotron mode' with halfspeed you'll get 2 octaves.
Be aware though, the LP-1 speed change is very lo-fi, that might
not be the sound you want.

If you want to record up to 16 *different* samples and play them
back with a keyboard then the EDP SamplePlay will do that.


marcus kirby wrote:
Say I set up a loop on an EDP or LP1 (anything really), is there any way to take that loop/sample and play it with a keyboard?

I was thinking of doing live sampling. I know it would be easier to capture something in ableton, drop it to sampler, and play it with a midi keyboard. I just wanted to know if this was possible with older units.