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Re: Playing loops/samples with a midi keyboard?

marcus kirby wrote:
More on the edp sampleplay?

Well, it's a big subject, here's a taster.

Essentially up  to 16 keys on your keyboard each become a small looper.

It does depend a lot on the EDP settings exactly how it works,
for each key, typically

1) Press and hold key to record sample.
2) Hold down key again to play sample.

...but there's several options depending on the SamplerStyle
and AutoRec params.

There's also some  clever double click functions, but I'd
have to look those up.

You could very quickly record an octave and a third of notes
from an instrument, and then play them.

It would of course be monophonic, and it might be a hassle
having to record each note individually.

I'm not sure this is what you want tho'.
If you want to record just one sample and play it at different pitches then this isn't for you.

Might just be easier to get a korg microsampler.

This may well be the case, :-)