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MUSIC - "D Torn Kaisers Aars E.T." tríbute to some heroes

A new piece in soundcloud.. The Elektron Octatrack is used for something close to live looping 
(sampling, live guitar, replaying it on the sampler and manipulating the sample live while it loops GOT TO BE some sort of live looping .. or does the hardware HAVE to be called a looper??) 

Gear used:
Elektron Octatrack for all "looping", sampling and effects. Soloway Swan Single 15 is the guitar and a little V-stack tweedy is the "amp". 

I really hope more of you really talented musician take a look at Octatrack and similar tools, the results could be really amazing.. On this track i even get something that sounds a bit like the quantizised eight note replace EDP (LP1) sound that we all love.... or not :-)...
All the same ENJOY and discuss.. I'm of to bed.. its 2.57 in the morning.... 

greetings from Trångsund (Sweden)..