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Matt Davignon & Kristin Miltner midwest tour!

Hi all,

Kristin Miltner and I are going on tour next week, bringing our
unusual electronic music to Wisconsin (Milwaukee and La Crosse),
Indianapolis, Toledo and Chicago. This will be the first time playing
in the midwest for both of us - we are Oakland, California people. If
you're in one of these towns, please come by and hear us play! And do
say hello. We like to meet other weird music people.

Samples of us can be found at: www.ribosomemusic.com/shows.html

Tuesday, August 9th, 8:30 pm, free
La Crosse, WI:
Cavalier Lounge
114 5th Ave N
Kristin Miltner, Matt Davignon, Igloo Martian, Moscatello

Wednesday, August 10th, 8:00 pm, free
Milwaukee, WI:
Audible Electricity at Shampoo Horn
For Address, please RSVP at http://audible.luvsound.org/
Matt Davignon/Kristin Miltner duo,
Wilhelm Matthies (homemade string instruments)
Meg Karls (solo violin)

Friday, August 12th, 7:00 pm, $5
Indianapolis, IN:
Outsound Festival
at Service Center for Contemporary Culture and Community
3919 Lafayette Rd.
Matt Davignon, Kristin Miltner, Jordan Munson, Shedding, DMA

Saturday, August 13th, 9:00 pm, donation
Toledo, OH:
Robinwood Concert House
2564 Robinwood Ave
Matt Davignon, Kristin Miltner, Five Dollar Ferrari

Sunday, August 14th, 8pm $7
Chicago IL:
Elastic Arts Foundation
2830 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl.
Baker/Zerang, Kristin Miltner, Matt Davignon, The Green Pasture Happiness

Matt Davignon is an experimental/ambient drum-machinist  living in
Oakland, California. Originally born in Western Massachusetts, he
spent  musically formative years in Northern California, tinkering
with tools such as lo-fi samplers, cassette tapes, household objects,
4-track compositions, extensive chains of guitar effects, prepared
instruments, and field recordings. These explorations fuel and inform
his current work, which most frequently involves processing the sounds
of a drum machine in real-time with various electronic devices.
Characteristics of his music include a focus on textures, arrhythmic
patterns and musical imperfections, with a focus on evoking biological
systems. Matt has released 3 cds with this setup, the most recent of
which is "Living Things" on Edgetone Records, released in 2010. Matt
also co-produces the Luggage Store Gallery Experimental Music series
in San Francisco, and has produced odd concerts such as the San
Francisco Found Objects Festival and Droneshift. www.ribosomemusic.com

Kristin Miltner is a composer, video and installation artist, and
sound designer living in Oakland, California. She most often performs
music live with versions of her custom software. She has designed this
to scan sound files and live input, allowing her to instantly
restructure the sounds into sequenced arrays of units of varying
lengths. This scanning idea is like imagining a giant octopus in a
long thin hallway with continuous windows on each side. One can touch
both sides of the hallway with one's fingertips (if one is an
octopus). The length of the hallway is infinite. So the octopus runs
up and down the hallway opening and closing windows, letting a little
bit of water in here and there, but never stops moving back and forth,
and some windows stay open for longer than others. But there's a
rhythm to it; it's an efficient octopus. The ocean is the sound
source, the hallway and octopus are the scanners, the windows
determine what gets in, and the octopus's rhythm is the sequencing
Her debut solo recording, "Grains", can be found at www.praemedia.com,
and her latest release, "Music for Dreaming and Playing", can be found
here: http://asthmatickitty.com/music-for-dreaming-and-playing

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com
Rigs! http://www.youtube.com/user/ribosomematt