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Re: Re: The Wandering Madman new video

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Jim Goodin wrote:
I echo Todd... this is a positive community that is meant to encourage and not bring down. The project and committment of time that Fro has/is taking is commendable as well as admireable.
Ditto to that sentiment. It's easy to sit back, be cynical and take pot shots at people who are really putting their art out to the world. I admire Fro's complete commitment to his lifestyle of artistry. To eschew a home, put everything into a van and travel the world playing music is a very radical commitment that takes some serious cajones, existentially speaking. Fro is also an amazingly good musician.....absolutely one of the best on this list that has a very large number of wonderful musicians.

It's time for us to hear your music, Elmer. Have some REAL courage and risk people's criticism by posting it.
I think you'll be very surprised at how supportive this community can be.

Rick Walker