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Re: Splitting Signal

hi Phil,
the 'rules' apply to any music gear with active electronics.
1.You can split any Output to a number of Inputs.
2.You can't combine a load of Outputs into a single Input.

There's obviously 2 other rules:
If you follow rule one and it sounds bad, then that's no good.
If you disobey rule 2, but it sounds ok then that's good.

The Send output from your amp *should* be suitable for splitting.
You could always connect the Amp Send directly to the mixer,
then split the signal 3 ways to the loopers on one of the mixer outs.

I have a stereo three way split going from the Lexicon Vortex to
my EDPs an LP1 and a mixer channel. That works fine (except that the LP1 
prefer a weaker signal than the other stuff, watch out for that).
I use what I call "N cables", like conjoined  Y cables really.
I make them out of regular decent quality microphone cable, and
cheap metal jacks, both of which I buy in bulk.

So you'd want a 'W cable', giving you 5 jack plugs in a nest,
with any one of them being used for the source signal.

As long as the devices involved have regular good quality
circuitry for their ins and outs then all your doing is mimicking
what goes on in a mixer when you use that to split a signal.


Phil Clevenger wrote:

Reading thru some of your older posts on the subject, i see you have advocated for simple splitter cables before :)

"You can always use a Y cable to split an output to multiple inputs,

but you can't generally use a Y cable to mix into one input.
(of course, the output has to be buffered, which it will be on a mixer)"


I had previously been routing line-level signal through the Mackie, then out via various means (an aux send here, alt 3/4 there, a half insert etc) to the loopers and back into the Mackie for mixing.

It seemed to me that this was not such an elegant solution and I was suspicious about all the conversions I assumed was going on :)

SO I thought splitting the signal before the Mackie might be better: going directly into the loopers, then neatly into the proper channels on the mixer for mixing. Less conversion must mean better signal fidelity, was the thinking...

Hence my search for a splitter. I tried splitter cables, but a Y on a Y on a Y to get four lines was comical and sounded bad; used a Whirlwind A/B box and that was clean but only two lines; then tried a Morley Tripler, which was noisy as can be; tried a Hosa passive 1in to 4out box, and that sucked the last drop of tone out of my world; then looked at Radial and now, I hope finally, looking at the Rane solution.

In your opinion, should your splitter cable rules, quoted above, apply pre-Mackie as well as post?
Phil :)

On Aug 8, 2011, at 1:39 AM, Phil Clevenger wrote:

: /

On Aug 8, 2011, at 1:29 AM, andy butler wrote:

Phil Clevenger wrote:

I've seen a lot of talk here about mixers, but not so much about splitters: how to take one mono send and feed that to multiple inputs....

Use a splitter cable.