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Re: Splitting Signal


Reading thru some of your older posts on the subject, i see you have advocated for simple splitter cables before :)

"You can always use a Y cable to split an output to multiple inputs,
but you can't generally use a Y cable to mix into one input.
(of course, the output has to be buffered, which it will be on a mixer)"
I had previously been routing line-level signal through the Mackie, then out via various means (an aux send here, alt 3/4 there, a half insert etc) to the loopers and back into the Mackie for mixing.

It seemed to me that this was not such an elegant solution and I was suspicious about all the conversions I assumed was going on :)

SO I thought splitting the signal before the Mackie might be better:  going directly into the loopers, then neatly into the proper channels on the mixer for mixing. Less conversion must mean better signal fidelity, was the thinking...

Hence my search for a splitter. I tried splitter cables, but a Y on a Y on a Y to get four lines was comical and sounded bad; used a Whirlwind A/B box and that was clean but only two lines; then tried a Morley Tripler, which was noisy as can be; tried a Hosa passive 1in to 4out box, and that sucked the last drop of tone out of my world; then looked at Radial and now, I hope finally, looking at the Rane solution.

In your opinion, should your splitter cable rules, quoted above, apply pre-Mackie as well as post? 

Phil :)

On Aug 8, 2011, at 1:39 AM, Phil Clevenger wrote:

: /

On Aug 8, 2011, at 1:29 AM, andy butler wrote:

Phil Clevenger wrote:

I've seen a lot of talk here about mixers, but not so much about splitters: how to take one mono send and feed that to multiple inputs....

Use a splitter cable.