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RE: OT a chorus question

> I understand exactly what you're describing...   I have several bits 
> of hardware that do just that, the best is my original Lexicon 224 
> from 1979... it uses subtle random modulation in the reverb 
> algorhythms and chorus and creates a haunting  yet organic effect.

I remember when it was new ... I heard a price tag of about 15,000 Euros
back then

> Universal Audio have created a plugin replication of it

$349 ... hmm ...

> (that's actually my guitar part they used at front and end of the video)

good job Charles !!  it has that Robin Guthrie feel that I love a lot. 

I wish the rest of the video was better - lots of talk, and a really boring
meaningless rock riff playing in a loop all the time, instead of some sound