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RE: OT a chorus question

Thanks Michael..

Sorry for all the "talk" but at least you get a peek at my studio..!


At 16:53 +0200 11/8/11, Michael Peters wrote:
 > I understand exactly what you're describing...   I have several bits
 of hardware that do just that, the best is my original Lexicon 224
 from 1979... it uses subtle random modulation in the reverb
 algorhythms and chorus and creates a haunting  yet organic effect.

I remember when it was new ... I heard a price tag of about 15,000 Euros
back then

 Universal Audio have created a plugin replication of it

$349 ... hmm ...

 (that's actually my guitar part they used at front and end of the video)

good job Charles !!  it has that Robin Guthrie feel that I love a lot.

I wish the rest of the video was better - lots of talk, and a really boring
meaningless rock riff playing in a loop all the time, instead of some sound