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Pickup Poll

Say LD-people,

What kinds of pickups are you using in your electric guitars?

For near 20 years I've had this config:

That's a forgotten brand humbucker at bridge and a Bill Lawrence Blade at the neck.

Recently I thought it would be fun to change it up, and with romantic sounds of my favorite single-coil players in my head, I sourced the best single coils I could, and had them installed along with a fully traditional 5-position switch... 

Excited to get my instrument back from the shop today, and just so disappointed in the result! Great pups if I were Buddy Holly maybe, but I need pickups that sing. And worst of all, the noise from these single coils is absolutely untenable in a looping situation... noise (loop) noisenoise (loop) noisenoisenoise (loop) etc... sounded like I was in a teenage garage band again :(

SO either I'm going back to the old setup, or changing again, to something hot and noise-free. I am curious about blade-style humbuckers in particular... anyone have experience with those?

Phil :)