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Re: Pickup Poll

Pickups is as personal and subjective as string gauge, action and how
you set up intonation, trim the twang bar etc. Especially with
singlecoils they really come to life vs die within a few millimeter's
adjustment range. So it's kind hard to share specific recommendations
because of that. I used the same set of low output vintage sounding
single coils on  my main strat for almost two decades. I like the
rough and aggressive sound you can get form low output singlecoils
better then what the so called hot PU's deliver. You just have to
boost the amp a bit more. HOwever, a big issue is the nosie and from
day one I learned to play with the volume knob on the strat to keep
noise and hum from pestering the music. I recently got a humbucker
guitar as well and found that it was really fun to loop without having
to manipulate the volume knob between notes (less noise in the
buckers) so I changed Strat single coils pickups for less noisy modern
ones that would matc my sound ideas. The closest I found on today's
market are the Lace Holy Graal, so I now have a three PU set of them
and like it a lot! They are just a bit fatter and less "glassy" but
that's ok. The raw roughness of low output vintage style is still
there. And they really are rather silent. There is a mixed set of them
available too, but I prefer the vintage style and then balance the
levels by adjusting the three pickup's distance to the strings (this
also gives sound dynamics I like when playing a dual pickups modes)

BTW, I want to agree with Anders that the Lace Alumitones are great
for a wide sound! I'm awaiting two of them for my "hollowbdy" Les Paul
by Epiphone. This LP uses very fat strings in drop-C tuning and that's
the reason I want Alumitones for it. My traditional drop tuning
humbucker guitar is a Casio MG2 with a DiMarzio Dual Sound (another
fav PU model of mine), the Casio is the guitar I used for the metal
riffs on the album with Erdem. But since I got into Stick playing I
really fell in love with a High Fidelity Full Range pickup model and
thus ordered Alumitones buckers. There is also a model called Death
Bucker (name says it all) but after many days of listening to YouTube
tests as well as playing them on a guitar fair I found the plain
Alumitone bucker to fit my taste better. Also, since I prefer a laptop
now before my tube amp top I have all options at hand to filter and EQ
the signal at the input - just another argument for the fullrange
Alumotone bucker - it delivers a full palette for eventual further

 I'v used one of  those Bill Lawerence (that you have) too and that
was a great sound in the bridge position! It really rocked for Sex
Pistol style trash dist power chord playing. I regret selling that old
start with the Bill Lawrence because I miss that sound now. Quite
similar sounding to a -62 Telecaster I have been using (talking bridge
pickup aggro dist here)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com internet music hub

On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 7:23 AM, Phil Clevenger
<phil.clevenger@gmail.com> wrote:
> Say LD-people,
> What kinds of pickups are you using in your electric guitars?
> For near 20 years I've had this config:
> https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/182627_10150148865785864_709430863_8110226_3950389_n.jpg
> That's a forgotten brand humbucker at bridge and a Bill Lawrence Blade at
> the neck.
> Recently I thought it would be fun to change it up, and with romantic 
> sounds
> of my favorite single-coil players in my head, I sourced the best single
> coils I could, and had them installed along with a fully traditional
> 5-position switch...
> Excited to get my instrument back from the shop today, and just so
> disappointed in the result! Great pups if I were Buddy Holly maybe, but I
> need pickups that sing. And worst of all, the noise from these single 
> coils
> is absolutely untenable in a looping situation... noise (loop) noisenoise
> (loop) noisenoisenoise (loop) etc... sounded like I was in a teenage 
> garage
> band again :(
> SO either I'm going back to the old setup, or changing again, to 
> something
> hot and noise-free. I am curious about blade-style humbuckers in
> particular... anyone have experience with those?
> Phil :)