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Re: human loop machine..

todd reynolds wrote:

    Hey y'all,

    Tried something two nights ago which I'm sure some of you have
    tried before, but it was super rewarding.  I had six violins with
    me in front of which I looped and had each one capture a track of
    looping on live violin, then I faded out the loop.  Worked like a
    charm and it was beautiful.

Hey Todd, Which musician is doing the found sound/toy music stuff. He's the one with the really bushy gray hair. He looks like a musician after my own heart and I'd love to contact him and find out what he's up to.

Could you arrange an introduction for me?

By the way,   the gig just looks wonderful!

I saw Laurie Anderson back in '74 or '75 at Cowell College's Thursday night 'College Night' Most of the audience left because it was too strange for them, but it was a turning point in my life.

She's the first person I ever saw use pitch shifting to change the gender of her performance character and it was electrifying.... seemed like it was heralding an new age of music (if only I had known how wonderful and crazy it would get in the next 40 years.

She also was playing her violin with the tape recorder pickup attached to it so that her bow was a sentence of human tape
on a piece of magnetic tape.

So damned creative.     I wish I could have seen you guys play.

yours,  Rick Walker