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Re: Pickup Poll

I have two strat's currently, as rosewood capped maple neck, maple capped chambered swamp ash bodied guitar with a combination of Kinman's starting with a southern cousin in the bridge, a 62 in the middle and an woodstock in the neck, the SC is almost a P-90 sound and never gets shrill, the 62 is great for the middle, twangy, the woodstock nails the tight punchy jimi neck thing. on my other strat a maple necked swamp ash solid body, I have a set of Kinmans i can't remember I think they are 62's now called mkII I believe. . I also like duncan classic stack+ pickups , had a set on a baritone strat that Erdem now owns they sound great too and are a bit less expensive. On my mahogany thin line tele which was my pickup revolving door guitar, has for the first time since i put it together 4 years ago a set of tele pickups, again kinmans, a broadcaster set, and a push pull tone control that runs them in series for a big fat optional sound. My asher has low wind lollar imperial humbuckers which are fat and warm sounding, I have a tv jones supertron on the lap steel hidecki made me, it has wonderful top end clarity and a clean high fidelity response. On my mini strat I have the same pickup and another kinman.