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Re: Pickup Poll

Ancient Single coils, Bill Walker says they are P90's .

...and as everyone knows by now
made of wood.

andy butler

 I thought I said they loook like P-90's, that SG type instrument you own that  I assume is japanese in origin is unlike any I've seen, and I'm wondering if you have ever looked under the hood to see what they are, the wood covers almost look home made. are you pulling my leg and is this some kind of Brian May style creation you cooked up over butter biscuits and tea with your Dad from a 16th century fireplace mantle, Come clean Andy B.
 I agree with you, totally prefer the more defined top end and bass of single coils even though i don't play true single coils, my noiseless models behave the same way, easier to layer parts with out becoming muddy in the mid range. Bill