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Re: Pickup Poll

I add this just to make you folks chuckle in this thread:

I'm having the woman who makes the pickups for Rick Turner guitars custom
make me a pickup that is purposefully microphonic.

I'll have an on/off switch intsalled for it in my bastard pink fretless Stratocaster so I can do some wicked physically controlled rhythmic square wave tremelo effects and I want it to be as weird, anarchic and uncontrollable as possible and then
manipulate the results with my Rhythm & Noise Table I've built myself.

I remember back in Tao Chemical days (our 80's new wave band) that guitarist, Not Michael
had a tele that had microphonic pickups on it.

He used to shout into it and run the results through his tube Echoplex tape delay during
our strange little 'dub' sections of reggae tunes.

The vocals had the coolest sound and I've never heard vocals sound like that since.

Does anyone else have a guitar with microphonic pickups on it?
Any tips of wisdom for me?

rick walker