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RE: [HarpTalk] Digitech JamMan Solo and Stereo loopers review

Interesting—I am using looping along with harmonica, it frees up my hands to play chromatic—

Richard came to my gig and sat in, nice guy and very progressive with regard to harmonica processing.

There’s a handful of us here doing both—beatboxing a loop to play harmonica over is very popular.

None of the new Digitech loopers has feedback control!!

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Just got this on a harmonica list I'm on ....just thought id pass it on

Kyle Dean Patten
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Hi all,

I've posted a review of two of my favorite loopers, the Digitech JamMan Solo and Stereo, to my website at:

Bottom line: nice gear. The Stereo gets the edge if you've got the money.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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