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Re: Minimum Requirements

On Aug 19, 2011, at 8:22 AM, andy butler wrote:

> tEd ® KiLLiAn wrote:
>> To those four I would add (minimally):
>> Volume control of the loop (independent of the original signal, not 
>> wet/dry mix).
>> Full stop - erase (clear loop).
> oh, of course.
> With the EDP the erase is included in Rec,
> ...but it's pretty annoying when a looper doesn't
> have easy access to Erase.
> Vol of the loop is an interesting one, I'd be happy
> if it was fixed to the same vol as the input, or maybe a
> fraction quieter.

Interestingly, the Boomerang III has feedback control but it's on a knob. 
The pedal jack is for loop volume. I believe that's getting revised in the 
latest release to support pedal control over feedback.

My use of feedback tends to be in one of three modes:

* 0%: I want a single repeat of the loop. It's basically a long delay. 
This is mostly useful when working with parallel loops.

* 100%: I'm trying to build up a seamless overdub.

* Some value in between for evolving the loop. The point here being that I 
don't necessarily vary this a lot while playing. I just need an "evolve"