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Re: Minimum Requirements

On Aug 19, 2011, at 7:55 AM, andy butler wrote:

> What's your minimum requirements for loop technology?
> For a performance or enjoyment.
> Mine:
> Record
> Overdub
> Multiply
> Feedback control
> .and if you had to expand that in order to really let rip...
> A second loop, synced at cycle level., capable of being in parallel or 
> series.
> Half speed.
> Reverse.
> Loop Copy (aka Bounce) from one loop to the other.

That would pretty much match mine.

Two loops with loop copy pretty much requires both a copy & switch and a 
switch. I was always a bit frustrated on the EDP that you could only copy 
into another loop if it was empty. I understand why, but I really wanted 
an easy way to work around that limitation (without having to enlist a 
complicated controller since otherwise the EDP controller worked nicely).