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RE: Minimum Requirements

Ed Durbrow wrote:

>1. I don't know what you call it, but to be able to stomp just once and
>have it stop the first loop and start recording another immediately, not
>restricted to the length of the previously erased loop.
>2. A way to keep a loop in memory without having to bend down and save it
>and be able to go on to create other loops and then come back to the
>original one without having to use one's hands.
>3. A way to control the volume relationship of the looper and instrument.

These don't seem much like minimum requirements, more like wish list.
I have my EDP and PMC 10 set up to do #1--actually, record is initiated by 
pedal press and end loop by releasing the switch. Another is set up to do
the same thing with loop windowing.
A couple of weeks with the 'Rang is making me appreciate this setup! Too 
it is more trouble to set up (and takes up more room).