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Re: Minimum Requirements(EDP loopcopy)

Yep, my main technique on EDP is copying to another loop, and it
certainly works for loops that aren't empty.
...and it works with the EDP's own foot controller.

Incidentally the EDP Quantise setting does not affect the timing of 'Next',
...if you need it quantised then there are alternate settings of
..and it does get easier..just keep using it ;-)


Phil Clevenger wrote:

On Aug 21, 2011, at 10:42 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

I was always a bit frustrated on the EDP that you could only copy into 
another loop if it was empty.

I've been copying into non-empty loops by setting Quantize = Loop or 
Cycle, and SwitchQuant = CNF. Then I can press NextLoop, and at my leisure 
press Multiply. Then regardless of the next loop's content, at the next 
quantized point it starts to lay in the current loop's cycles until you 
tell it to stop.

I'd like that to be easier - as you would too I imagine :D  But it works :)

Phil :)