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Re: New Topic Suggestion

Me? I love a good punch-up, I still have a warm glow from the WalkerBros vs
Sottilaro match of ´08.. Phew, that was a stinker!

Well I'm mighty glad that bit of animosity was sooooo fucking amusing to you, Mark you twee limey bastard ............... wow that felt good, really, really, good, and i hope it was good for you too Mark... think I'll light a cigarette.. ;-) In reality, that thing that happened back then was embarrassing to me, because I personally did not exercise restraint with a person who seemed to take delight in being mean spirited. It got pretty ugly and I wasted way too much time in a pointless argument with a seriously angry person with whom logic and reason where not going to work. That's a no win situation, and it reminds me a bit of what's happening now, though so far, knock on wood, it hasn't degenerated to the level of character assassination and psychosis that the previous incident did. Dare to dream...........;-)