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Re: New Topic Suggestion

I agree Bill, and Im sure you saw the irony in what I was saying, I certainly DID enjoy your fine bit of yankee venting.

Over the years on LD I have been the cause of a few misunderstandings and flamings, just cos humour and political correctness are different the world over.

I think it is interesting that on a huge list like LD, we very rarely have these problems, and when they do pop up, I am always reminded of our sadly missed founder who never banned anyone, but I certainly received a well worded and curt private mail, intelligently putting me firmly in my place.

The people on LD are all wonderful, fine and on the most part friendly people, all skilled and passionate artists in what they do.
Here me...? Artists...Musicians!!! Drunk, noisy, passionate Artists!!!
Not politicians, priests or HR directors (although some might be!!)
I dont think there is any need for people to "prove" their shredding (or looping) skills, to be accepted here, we are all newbs here in a way.

Of course, random bursts of anger or stupidity DO occur, but the nature of the internet and the short ill conceived messages it encourages, means that the medium is prone to exaggeration, misunderstanding, and alot of hot air.

I dont hate Mr Fudski, or what ever his name is, I just see him as an old farting dog in the corner, or drunk Uncle Bob.. kind of annoying, but still part of the family.

thats it for me on this subject


On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 8:13 AM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:
Me? I love a good punch-up, I still have a warm glow from the WalkerBros vs
Sottilaro match of ´08.. Phew, that was a stinker!

Well I'm mighty glad that bit of animosity was sooooo fucking amusing to you, Mark  you twee limey bastard ............... wow that felt good, really, really, good, and i hope it was good for you too Mark... think I'll light a cigarette.. ;-)
 In reality, that thing that happened back then was embarrassing to me,  because I personally did not exercise restraint with a person who seemed to take delight in being mean spirited. It got pretty ugly and I wasted way too much time in a pointless argument with a seriously angry person with whom logic and reason where not going to work. That's a no win situation, and it reminds me a bit of what's happening now, though so far,  knock on wood, it hasn't degenerated to the level of character assassination and psychosis  that the previous incident did. Dare to dream...........;-)

Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe