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RE: Roland gr55

Cool similar things are quite easy to achive on the Elektron Octrack, simple set up a track to record say four beats of input audio every 16 (or 32, 25, 64 or ..) beat and let that for beat snippet be looped and pichifted so that, for axample it first i root, 5th, 4th 7th (or whatever) that way te short snippet will be arpeggited and resampled everu 16th (32, or what ever) beat.. not set up and other track set to a difrant length and you get the two arpeggiedet patterns move polyrhytomic ( one track could be 16 beat the other 20 for example) ... then you could also let one track be the LFO for an other track...... so basically a "live" audio stream could be LFO that affects pitch or rate or filters or start point of the loop or length or delay setting or distortion or a combination... much fun.. much, much fun and no programming... On the other hand quite often it sound more strange than good.. but it's great fun.

Greetings from Trångsund - Sweden ;)

> Yes. For the track below I mocked up a related meta instrument idea by
> two components: The Expert Sleepers live sampler Cross Fade Loop Synth
> and a simple pattern sequencer of Bidule's. But the reason I call it
> "a meta instrument" is that the pattern sequencer is set to switch
> program on the same MIDI events I use for sped/rate shifting whatever
> audio I layer in Mobius - so the bubbling sequencer line plays a short
> sample of my acoustic instrument in a pre programmed pattern that
> always fits to the new pitch my looper is turned into. In the example
> below a flute was used as source sound and the bubbling baseline is
> what this setup added:
> http://erdemhelvacioglu-perboysen.bandcamp.com/track/metal-sky
> But unfortunately I could never get a sound free from clicks and other
> noise artifacts on the 2.2 Macbook I was using then. I don't have time
> now, or the creative need for it in a project, but at some time along
> the future path I will definitely go back to using this thingy on a
> better computer :-))
> Here's a more detailed description:
> http://www.perboysen.com/steppophonic-looperformer-please-steal-this/