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so we got: ? > M 13 > LOOP SEND > RANG > LOOP RETURN M 13 > speakers.....

is it possible to have the loop (s) from the rang return to the M 13 without triggering the 

FX?  i.e. i have a clean loop playing on the rang but i want to use a distorted sound on a 

bit of solo over the loop, if i bring the loop into the M 13 it will then be distorted along 

with the my MONSTER solo.....TANKS MUCHO!

 the effects loop can be placed anywhere in the chain,  you have to go to the set up menu to find that parameter, so if you want to have most of your effects before the rang but only one column after the rang you would place the rang between effects #3 and #4. If you want to place it at the end of your chain you may as well just run the M-13 before the rang, to save two cables, but if you want the flexibility to change where the rang is placed, keep it in the effects  loop.