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Old Guitar Synth REPAIRS (Was Re: Old Guitar Synths)

And speaking of repairs —

Is there ANYONE in the US that can work on a GR-1? (Yes, I confess to
owning two, and this issue is why. Call it "The Law of Spares.")

My original (to me, who knows how many hands this one passed though
before me!) GR-1 has a bad connection to the power supply and I do not
feel confident enough to try and sort it out. When it's getting power,
I love it, but there is little as frustrating as playing and suddenly
having it lose power.




> FWIW, I bought the GR-700 floor module off him at a steal.  At the time,
> there was a repair shop -- Dr. T's in NYC, I believe -- that advertised a
> retrofit for the GR-700 that would allow MIDI input so you could play it