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Re: Old Guitar Synths (was Re: Roland gr55)

First, I love my GR300/303/808.  I never thought I'd EVER disagree with 
Per, but I love the weird R&B LFO on the 300, I love how it works & 
wobbles, has a Prince-like sound when done right. 

Having focused almost exclusively roots-ish / Americana music production 
for the past 6 years and music for film and video before that, the sound 
of the guit synth just hasn't been appropriate.  But I dream of getting it 
fixed (resonance circuit down) someday soon!  I listen to my old 
recordings and swoon!

And Bill - not just Roland.  It seems everyone in music equip making is 
constantly improving the wheel.  I suspect it's so they can sell new 
wheels to folks that are getting around just fine on the wheels they have! 
 The great and horrible joke is the OLD stuff quite often sounds way 
better.  Fairchild, Telefunken, vinyl, tape etc etc.   Having said that 
and to add some flame retardant, I remember the old 2" tape machines 
eating tape, being a nightmare to edit, bias etc... 

Richard Sales
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On Aug 31, 2011, at 9:28 AM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> My roland synth history:
> GR-300 with a white  GR 202 guitar as controller
> GM-70  controlling roland and yamaha synth modules
> GR-1
> GR-30
> I'm not sure when I will get back in to guitar synthesis, ultimately 
> perhaps, though issues of latency, weak internal sound engines and 
> Roland's tendency to arbitrarily drop features from one generation to 
> another has been a source of frustration.  I definitely have a love hate 
> relationship with Roland, if they really are listening to what pros are 
> asking for in this technology I sure don't see much evidence. They might 
> start with a sound engine that rivals the kind of power that they have 
> in one of there flag ship synths, with a fully programable arpeggiator 
> to boot.
> Bill