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URGENT GLITCH! Re: Sharing my pix/videos from YK2X+1

Hi Folks,

I woke up this morning (actually 4 PM local time as my system still
runs Californian time) only to find that my YK2X Dropbox is empty but
with 13 videos in the upload cue. What this means is that as soon as
someone is downloading a file this file will stop to be accessible for
others. Sorry about that, I thought it would work more like a
downloadable FTP box.

I still have all files backed up here and will be working by the
'puter for a while now. I suggest that if someone is looking for
something special he/she should send me a note and I'll re-upload that
specific file. I didn't have the chance to video film the entire
festival, as I was performing myself as well and still suffer under
the habit of having to eat and sleep now and then.

Best regards


> Per Boysen schrieb:
>> Hi, I uploaded all my photos and videos from this year's YK2
>> Inernational Loopfest Santa Cruz to a Dropbox folder. If you have
>> Dropbox you can download from
>> https://www.dropbox.com/home/Y2K%2B1pboy#/Y2K%2B1pboy:::
>> If you want to get Dropbox first, here's my invitation link:
>> http://db.tt/NAcpMDA
>> My stuff seems to be more than the allowed content size but if people
>> hurry up to download what they want I can delete the image files in
>> about three days to make space for videos that tend to be larger
>> files.