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Re: Why...?

i moved from a place that i was playing out at least 3 nights a week to yellowstone national park.  after the summer, i moved to west yellowstone at the west gate.  i have been here for 5 years.  a couple of years into it, i bought a looper because of the dearth of players in town, and venues.  it just isn't the same, but i enjoy it.  i don't play out, though--  i only experiment.  i have written some things with it, but mostly i like to see if i can recreate easily loopable songs, with minimal sections (nothing compares to you, by prince, has no chorus--  only the tag line).  the hardest thing is directing all the right instruments to the right channel for looping--  i have my guitar set up on an m-brace, bass strapped on, and keyboards before me.  if i could get my m-audio trigger finger to work correctly, i would get a rhythm together on the pads.  that would help me play out, as well, because i could set up an audio loop for timekeeping instead of a blinking light.  i have both an EDP and an RC-20.  i like both, but wish they could be synched.  i can develop ambient drones on the RC-20 and then play over it with the EDP, just nothing rhythmic.  i plan on getting a bit better at the EDP in the interim season before i start work this winter. 
none of this is looping, but here i am:
i know i am too eclectic to actually attract too much attention.  but that doesn't bother me--  the looping is just one more part of that.  hope everyone is well, and i do invite you to check the link out if you have time/interest

From: william middlemiss <billymiddlemiss@gmail.com>
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Subject: Why...?

Why do you 'loop'? What got you started on this path?

Was it a mechanism for solo performance? to record a vamp?

A compositional device, a new avenue of _expression_? (repetition as compositional device?)

An 'artistic statement' in itself? as if to say "I DONT NEED NO STINKIN BAND!"

A fallback for artistic roadblocks? (as in--an easy way out)

A way of exploring new rhythms?

A textural apparatus? sound design?

A means of 'warping sound'?

With me, it's been all of the above, and I've jumped among 7 or 8 devices along the way.

How about you?