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Re: airFX level mismatch.

RP Collier wrote:

I was referencing this:
>In simplified terms, line level is a very strong output signal,
typically found coming from microphone preamps, mixers, effects-loop "sends", and the "line out" of an amp. Also this is the level needed to properly drive a power amp, and to get low-noise results when using some recording devices and processors. This is in contrast to "instrument level" which is the level that typically comes direct from a guitar, and "mic level" which is the typical output of a microphone, both of which are _much lower_ than line level.

That's more or less  right, but a bit misleading:

The "instrument level" isn't really about level, it's
about impedance.

Hence, 2 interesting consequences.

You plug a mic into a mic level pre-amp, and an instrument
into an "instrument input", but wouldn't expect good
results doing it vice versa.

Almost any stomp box can be used to DI your guitar into
a line level input, (as long as you don't have it in
true bypass). As long as it's not a particularly quiet
guitar it'll work, and may may even work well.
It doesn't change the level necessarily, but it matches the impedance.
Not first choice for DI, but certainly useable.
(Matthias Grob put me on to this useful trick)