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RE: LP2 - multiply?

OK, that's more like using (the Rang's) 'live copy' which creates a new 
loop consisting of any loops currently playing plus any live input. The 
copied loop can be any length so I guess it would accomplish the same 
goal. Still, since multiple loops can play simultaneously (again on the 
Rang) it seems to me you get the same 'effective' result using the simpler 
technique from the previous post.

One fun thing to do is create the first loop and make it say a measure 
long. Then you can create a second loop of say 7 measures and then a third 
of 8 measures. When all are playing together they shift off by a measure 
each time around. Not always easy to find something that 'works' with this 
but many 'happy accidents' happen! Maybe I'll try something like 25 and 26 
which would change over a long time. :)