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RE: LP2 - multiply?

I guess it would only be wasteful if you're just recycling the same loop 
over and over. The Rang's 'live copy' can be used to extract just a part 
of an existing loop but I've never tried to make a loop that was smaller 
than the master. I'll need to experiment and see if that works. I'm sure 
it would work in the 'free' mode and that might be good enough.


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>That is the function on the EDP, yes . . .
>It plays the existing loop over and over, while overdubbing (usually) new
>It can seem wasteful, but is also useful--especially when used the way I 
>by windowing--that is, creating a multiple with new start and stop times.
>There are various ways of doing this, but the simplest is by triggering
>multiply twice and record twice from the front panel.
>The 'Rang is cool because the master sample stays the same size, but the
>other loops are multiples of it.
>Multiply may be executed in different ways on other loopers--it is the EDP
>to which I, certainly, am referring.