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[Fwd: loopV in Ableton Live HowTo]

Thanx to Per Boysen and Ricky Graham.

HowTo get looping with loopV in Ableton Live.
Assuming you have your Midi controller set up correctly,
as it would be for hardware EDP.

1)From main menu, Options>Preferences
and select MIDI tab

for your chosen midi input device, turn 'Track' to On.
(e.g. Gordius LG appears as 'USB audio Device' here)
That will route your midi controller direct to the Live Midi tracks, bypassing any
need to Midi Learn through Ableton itself.

2) the Audio tab in Preferences is where to go if you need to set up your audio interface. There's a useful test tone for the output, and a "Hardware Setup" button to access your audio interface. Test tone should be nice and pure, if it's a glitchy it's time to increase
your buffer size.

3)By default, Ableton starts up with one Audio and one Midi track. That's what you need.

4) Put loopV on an audio track.

if Looplug isn't there you need to put it in Live's VST plugin folder.
(or Preferences>File Folder and tell Live where to look)

5) Make sure View>In/Out is ticked (it's not by default)

6)Now the tracks look like this

Audio From needs to be "Ext In" then your desired  audio input channel.
(stereo if you like)
Monitor "In" for both  tracks.
Midi To should be "Audio-1"
Then it looks like this.

Midi From...select if needed

7) Right , off you go then. Your midi controller should now be able
to do Button Presses, CC for Feedback etc, and change Preset (Locals) by ProgCh.