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new iOS based looper

Hello all.
I know we all are looking for great looping tools for our everyday 
creative process. With some friends we decided to go and try designing one 
And so, just to mention that Apple released our iOS based looper on their 
app store today. It's name is Loopr. Forgive the few limitations and youth 
problems it may have because it's a v1.0, but we're definitely going to 
increase its potential in the near future.
Don't hesitate to comment, propose, advise, positively or negatively… 
we're open to it. For now it's a 4 track looper, but very low-latency, and 
designed with an ergonomy that corresponds to what I'm looking for as a 
long-time live looper.
It's screen controllable, but definitely used to its better extent with a 
MIDI adapter and pedalboard. It's MIDI out synchronization is definitely 
one of its strength in my opinion.
I've just posted a multi-instrument example http://youtu.be/zdwUw0yIgJs 
but you'll find all the info and other demo videos on the http://loopr.net 
website, watch them before downloading the app as they should give you 
better information on wether or not it's that you're looking for.
Hope you'll find this new tool of interest, and of help for your 
live-looping experiments, and your pleasure.