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Re: New discovery on EDP!!!

Hey Rick..

I guess cos you are doing the digest thing you might have missed my echoloop video. I dont have my recording gear set up right now so I cant record a EDP version.
I havent confirmed yet whether EDP and echoloop act differently, Im sure Butler and Grob would be able to.

In actual fact, I now realise that this is not infact a new discovery, its just the way EDP has always worked. I have probably done this exact thing like a million times before, but not with the right input to have noticed. Its really... yet again, an offshoot of the classic windowing functionality, except in reverse.

Where windowing is to divide a larger loop into a small chunk and then move thru the chunks, actaully what we are doing is moving backwards through the EDPs undo memory layers.
With THIS way round we really see how the EDP uses its memory.
If you overdub, you are in actual fact just using up EDPs memory in a linear way, except that EDP plays it back "stacked" on top of each other. But when you multiply that small segment out to 8 for example. and then undo... instead of undoing back to a small chunk again (this is how Mobius would do it, which was after all based on EDP, but never did windowing) the EDP doe NOT RE-divide the loop. It leaves the loop at 8 cycles long, but the undo functionality has to do something, so it lays out the memory in order, and in effect reconstructs the original performance.

The only reason I noticed this is because in my jam earlier today, I divided back a larger loop, and forgot overdub was still on.. so when I played it got all stacked up.. To rectify this I multiplyed back out and thought that if I hit undo, Id get back to my original loop, but with one cycle of stacked up noise... instead the noise built up over the 8 cycles in a very cool and pleasing way, and I had one of those WTF moments...

...that we live/loop for!


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe