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Re: Anyone here never livelooped?

Live looping is a small part of what I do, but for me the cool thing about 
this site is that it focuses mainly on THAT part of looping. If I want to 
discuss the intricacies of creating loops in the studio or for recording, 
I can think of at least a dozen great forums frequented by highly 
knowledgable studio professionals where I can look or ask for what I need 
to know. 

However, if I want to learn about how to get more out of my EDPs and get 
ideas for looping in real time in front of an audience--this is where I 
come. This forum is highly specialized, I like that.

By the same token, in addition to looping, I am a guitarist and an AxeFx 
user as well as being a total analog Roland gear junkie and despite the 
fact that the music I create with them is highly repetitive, I suspect 
that very few members here share my enthusiasm. When I discuss AxeFx 
settings or 303 patterns, there are other places I go--even though I 
technically create "loops" with all of my gear.

I think by becoming "all things to all men" this site would lose what is 
so special about it.

Another thing to consider is the format of this forum--it isn't the 
standard discussion forum--unless one wants to plough through the 
discussions that are saved on the webpage, one has to get individual mails 
or digests sent to a computer--even then we have to sift through those to 
find what we are interested in. 

I dread my mailbox filling up with discussions about Britney or anyone 
else who happens to use looping in the studio. I would be forced to 
unsubscribe due to the sheer volume of communication about things that do 
not interest me in the least.

That's my $.02 anyway.