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RE: Octatrack vs Ableton Live quick help

@ Per:
> My rescue has
> been to develop an "a toolbox for surprising myself" but even this bag
> of tricks sometimes feels worn out and too familiar. So I guess that
> in the end nothing as "free improvisation" really exists.
Well, that is pretty common, don't you think? All the composers tend to do that. All the bands.
And talking with my friends I realized that this is something good, something which even in people we look for. Or take girls for example. When I was young I was convinced I had to adapt to a girl if my way of being was not compatible with her one.
When I saw that they wanted me to be me, even if there should have been fights, I understood that people need points of reference. The universe is a chaos (= an order whose logic we do not understand), life has got no sens (because it has got infinite senses), and everything changes, so people look for something they can recognize. Know, and recognize. That make them feel that everything is in its right place.
I feel that some artists exaggerate a bit too much with that. Take Jack Johnson for example. He could have made three songs and it would have been enough.
But take Radiohead. Portishead. Philip Glass. Anthony and the Johnsons. Bjork.
Yes, there are variations. Noticeable variations.
But I am sure there are also variations in your artistic path.
Maybe the artistic path follows the life one, and when we grow, things change slowly...
Like a good wine...

> https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4963264/glitchdub_flute_solo.mp3
> It shows a lot of what I like with Mobius.
That is really 100% flute? All those sounds?