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Re: Echoplex Pain !


i.e. quantise to a whole loop, not to a Cycle

The loop becomes divided into Cycles when you
a) Multiply after an un-synced Record
b) Record more than one bar when synced.

Makes no difference sonically, it's kind of like the number of bars in the 

You'll have to forgive my memory if this isn't quite right, I'll be able 
to check later,

SamplerStyle=Sta will make the loop start from the beginning each time, 
that's probably more what you need.

I never used EDP alongside a sequencer/Ableton, but the guy who was expert 
at this, Claude Voit,
isn't on the looping scene these days afaik.

iirc he reckoned the only way to really get it working was to use Ableton 
to send the triggers to Re-Start
the loop, and actually turn off the EDPs sync capabilities.
Mind you, Ableton may be a lot less inaccurate these days, so may not be 
quite the same problems.

Anyway, see how you get on.....and great to see a new EDP guy


On 27/01/2017 19:09, ALexandru Gavril wrote:
Hi !

First let me introduce myself . I am a Alex Gavril, a 33 years old guitarist from Romania.  In the late few 
months I started playing in a EDM project and of course i was needing a looper. First i bought the Boss RC 
300. Bad choice , it doesn’t receive midi clock . Then i bought the Pigtronix Infinity. I got along 
well with it but didn’t do what i had in mind . So I ordered the Oberheim Echoplex. Great Unit from 
what I read, expecially coming from a company that is known to know with midi. The problem with it is the 
Manual, is it written as the Bible , with lots of “go to chapter x , return to chapter y “ ( or 
maybe i can’t get it :))

So my problem is quite weird . Let’s say i have MORELOOPS set to 4 . I play the first 
loop, a 2 chord 2bars sequence, than I hit Next Loop and Multiply. Let’s say i play 4 
cycles. I go back to Loop 1 and do the same thing but this time on loop 3, 2 cycles. My problem 
is, when i hit NEXT LOOP again to go back to loop 1 , it doesn’t start from 1. It is 
synced with ableton rhytmically, but fr instance if i play 2 chords , 1 bar each, sometimes it 
start from the 2nd chord. Can you please tell me what to do . I have SWITCHQUANT set to CYC ( 
also in the manual i dunno what CYC and CnF means )

Thanks in advance and thanks for this wonderful site , can’t wait to start 
learning some  tips and tricks .

Kind Regards
Alex !