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I just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Steve Murrell and I play 
the Chapman Grand Stick(TM).  Among other things, my set-up includes a 
Lexicon JamMan with 32 Second capability.  I have thouroughly enjoyed the 
JamMan so far and consider it a good value for the money (about $500.00 
with the expanded memory chips).  I have found that this unit in 
combination with my multi-effects unit (Digitech Valve F/X) can do some 
very powerfull things.

I am interested in hearing from the rest of you regarding what units are 
out there, including approximate prices and functions.  I will ba adding a 
second looping unit soon and would like to hear recommendations and 

Also, my musical influences include Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Robert 
Fripp, Mick Karn, David Torn, and many others.  Discussions concerning 
these artists and others would interest me as well.

Bye for now,

Steve Murrell