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Re: Essential loop recordings

>Is there room on this list for looping not supported by technology? I'm
>thinking for example of Erik Satie's _Vexations_ (a slow piano phrase
>repeated 840 times--taking some 17 hours; I participated in a group
>performance of this in the early 80s) and Terry Riley's seminal _In C_,
>which certainly involves looping although manually played.

The technology is really just a tool that makes the musical concept easy to
accomplish, without tendonitis, boredom, muscle cramps, bladder infections,
and whatever else you may experience during 17 hours of a single piano

Discussing the concept of repetitive elements in music is certainly valid
for the list, I think that's one of the things that makes looping so
interesting. For me it can be almost trance inducing, and I think its that
quality that causes people to enjoy repetively-oriented music whether it be
traditional musics from various cultures or the four-on-the-floor house
grooves at an all night rave.


>Glad to see this list is up and running so quickly!
>Kevin Holm-Hudson
>Department of Academic Studies and Composition
>Northwestern University School of Music
>711 Elgin Rd.
>Evanston, IL 60208
>"The mind should wander long before the pitch begins to." -Khh

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