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Re: Memory prices

>I was wondering what prices you all have encountered for the JamMan
>upgrade. I know memory prices are dipping low, but Lexicon's prices remain
>high. Any suggestions?

I picked up the memory (full-upgrade) via mail order for ~$120 (over a year
ago -- they might be cheaper now).  I don't remember the name of the
company, but Lexicon referred me to them, and I remember that they were
located in Texas.  (Sorry for the lack of info -- but one call to Lexicon
should get you in the right direction).

Also, I picked up an Echoplex (over a year ago) through Manny's Mailbox
(New York) for $479 (+ $70 for the foot pedal)  THis was the best price I
found at the time, but I haven't shopped for them recently.

- Chris

Chris Chovit