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Re: Unidentified subject!

>At first, I was upset that I couldn't "edit"
>or "save" my loop with the jam man -- but I have found that this has freed
>me up:  I'm not concerned about getting it "just right."  I just play!  I
>have had a lot of fun with this approach, especially when there is no-one
>around to jam with.
That was very much the intention of the LOOP delay:
The more you give away (by switching it of), the more you receive next time
(by inspiration).

>However, I've also created some loops, that I enjoyed
>so much, it was rather painful to erase.

Put them on tape and listen to them. You learn without noticing.

>I am interested in learning some of the techniques people are using to
>save, and possibly edit loops, after the fact.  I have a Macintosh -- are
>there some good (and inexpensive) digital editors out there for the Mac?

I use DECK by MakroMedia (OSC, really). There are a lot of bugs in it, but
you can do nice cross fades and its very cheap compared to its complexity.